• Quantum Optics Laboratory at Florida International University

    We study quantum coherence and interference in atoms manifested by electromagnetically induced transparency and its applications in quantum optics and nonlinear optics. We perform experiments with cold rubidium atoms in free space or confined in an optical resonator and use multiple laser fields to study the coherent interactions of atoms and photons, and to prepare and control the coupled quantum states of atoms and photons.

    Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics: We study manipulation and control of quantum states in a multi-atom cavity QED system and its applications in quantum measurements and quantum logic gates. The experiments are performed by confining cold atoms in an optical resonator, preparing and measuring the coupled atom-cavity system with multiple laser fields.

    Nonlinear Optics in Coherently Coupled Atomic Systems: We produce cold rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap and couple the atoms with multiple laser fields to create electromagnetically transparency, which enables us to observe resonantly enhanced nonlinear susceptibilities and study nonlinear optics at low light intensities. We also produce tailored laser beams to confine and transport neutral atoms and to develop methods for construction of atoms waveguide and atom storage devices.

research interests

  • Light Manipulation of Neutral Atoms: Cooling and trapping of neutral atoms, atom optics with tailored optical beams and laser spectroscopic applications of trapped cold atoms.
    Laser Induced Atomic Coherence: Nonlinear optics with cold atoms, coherence induced interference in atomic excitation and decay, and cavity-enhanced nonlinear optics.

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  • Yifu Zhu


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