Scholars@FIU provides easy discovery of compatible colleagues, courses, advisors and research; grant related collaborations and potential partnerships; sources for possible internships and jobs; and other interconnected resources driving student, faculty and institutional success.

Equally, SCHOLARS@FIU showcases productivity and expertise to the larger community and world; helps integrate student internships and faculty expertise with local businesses and non-profit organizations; and supports the discovery of likely faculty-faculty and faculty-student mentoring relationships.

SCHOLARS@FIU utilizes an open-source platform (VIVO). Certain citation related data included herein are derived from the © Web of Science (2020) of Clarivate. All rights reserved. You may not copy or re-distribute this material in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Clarivate.

Significant enhancements are being planned for Scholars@FIU. Additional communications about the enhancements are coming soon. Please send any questions or comments to research@fiu.edu