Manipulating Photon-Atom Interactions with Atomic Coherence and Interference Grant

Manipulating Photon-Atom Interactions with Atomic Coherence and Interference .


  • This experimental research program studies atomic coherence and interference induced by coherent interactions between laser fields and multi-level atomic systems, and explore its applications in nonlinear optics and quantum optics. Two experimental approaches will be developed and used in the research program. In the first approach, quantum state manipulation and control of atoms and photons with cold atoms confined in an optical cavity will be explored. The cavity enhanced nonlinear wave mixing in coherently driven cold atoms and slow light propagation assisted by the intra-cavity dark state will be studied. The atoms-cavity system will also be used to study photon switching and photon correlations. In the second approach, quantum nonlinear optics will be studied with cold atoms in free space. Two-channel four-wave mixing will be studied and used to explore generation of entangled and correlated photon pairs. Large Kerr nonlinearities and cross-phase modulation manifested by electromagnetically induced transparency will be investigated. Also the multi-photon quantum interference in coherently prepared three-level and four-level systems will be studied and used to explore applications of light control light by manipulating the amplitude and phase of a weak control field. These experimental studies will lead to discoveries of new phenomena and contribute to the advancement of fundamental quantum optics and nonlinear optics at ultra-low light intensities. It will also lead to the development of new techniques to control the quantum states of atoms and photons, which will be useful for applications in quantum measurements and quantum information network. The proposed research implements advanced experimental methods and sophisticated spectroscopic measurements, which offers research related education and training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and enable them to develop scientific knowledge and technical skills for their pursuit of scientific careers.

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  • September 1, 2008 - August 30, 2012

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