• Kevin Boswell is a marine ecologist, with general interests in the ecology and behavioral dynamics of coastal and marine nekton and surface oriented vertebrates. His research program broadly focuses on the interacting factors that mediate the distributional patterns, behavior, habitat use, energetics and natural ecology of coastal and oceanic animals, including the implications of ecosystem variability, particularly for rapidly changing environments. To address many of these interests, his lab integrates advanced sampling techniques, such as active and passive underwater acoustics, with observations from autonomous aerial and aquatic platforms to collect high-resolution data to simultaneously describe spatial and temporal patterns of interest, ranging from individual-level interactions to broad ecosystem dynamics. The observational and analytical techniques his lab employs are robust across an array of ecosystems and animal types facilitating a high-level interdisciplinary and collaborative research program.

research interests

  • Understand the processes that influence and structure coastal and marine communities.

    Fisheries Acoustics
    Estuarine, Coastal and Pelagic Fish Ecology
    Population Biology
    Habitat Loss
    Oil and Gas Development
    Biological Oceanography

    Dr. Boswell's research focuses on understanding the processes that mediate behavioral and distributional patterns in coastal and marine nekton. Through the development and application of advanced sampling techniques, we seek to understand the processes that influence and structure coastal marine communities with an emphasis on habitat and resource utilization, predator-prey interactions and behavior.

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  • Kevin Boswell