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Established in 2001, FIU Law is proud to be South Floridas only public law school. FIU Laws diverse faculty and student body makes it an outstanding option for prospective students. The College of Law achieved provisional accreditation in 2003 and full accreditation in 2006 by the American Bar Association, both in the shortest possible times. In January 2009, it was also accredited by the American Association of Law Schools. FIU Law Curriculum: incorporates important developments in the globalization of both public and private law. The academic program takes a pervasive approach to international and comparative law, incorporating these perspectives into all domestic law classes, and includes a required introductory course and a rich array of upper level electives in international, transnational and comparative law. The curriculum further provides students with extensive, rigorous legal research and writing experiences, introduces other lawyering skills such as counseling and negotiation, and introduces the important professional values of civility and ethical practice. In Fall 2013, FIU Law introduced the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) for the purpose of providing students with resources to help them succeed in law school, pass the Bar Examination, and develop strong practice skills. AEP reflects our commitment to our students success by aiming to teach our students explicitly what they need to do to maximize their performance. FIU Law Faculty: is committed to excellence in both teaching and scholarship. Faculty members are actively engaged in research in their respective areas of expertise. FIU Law Students: seeks to graduate students who appreciate the lawyers professional and ethical obligations to serve the community. FIU Law will educate future lawyers who will understand the value to the community and to them personally of helping those in need. Students are required to satisfy a community service requirement, and participate in clinical legal work in which students represent clients who cannot afford legal representation. Faculty members model these values by participating in local, state, national and international professional service activities.


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