• Highly innovative in conceiving new ideas pertaining to analytical sample preparation products, chromatographic stationary phases and novel high performance organic-inorganic hybrid materials and subsequent realization of the envisioned ideas into viable products, process, and advance material systems with minimal resources and time.

    A seasoned synthetic materials chemist and nanotechnologist with more than 15 years of experience in sol-gel chemistry based synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid polymers/particles/thin film/monolithic bed utilizing Silica, Titania, and Zirconia chemistries in combination with organic polymers, graphene, carbon nanotubes, calixarenes, crown ether, and dendrimers.

    As a strong team builder, created a formal coalition of more than 40 academic research groups across the world in order to propagate scientific knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry, separation science, forensic science, toxicology, metabolomics, proteomics, drug discovery, disease chemical markers, and environmental chemistry.

    Developed a molecular imprinting technology that enables imprinting of any template or group of templates (small or large organic molecule, and metal ions) characterized with high imprinting factor.

    Integrated solid phase extraction (exhaustive extraction) and solid phase microextraction into a single sample preparation platform known as fabric phase sorptive extraction (FPSE). As a result, the same extraction medium can be used either in solid phase extraction mode or in solid phase microextraction mode.

    Developed more than 30 novel extraction sorbents capable of simultaneously extracting polar and nonpolar analytes from complex sample matrices.

    Invented novel sample preparation technologies such as FPSE, dynamic fabric phase sorptive extraction (DFPSE), and microextraction capsules (MEC).

    Deploy chemometric design of experiments (DoE) to obtain high quality analytical data in a cost-effective manner.

research interests

  • Analytical Chemistry; Bio-analytical Chemistry; Metabolomics; Materials Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Abuzar Kabir