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Welcome to Real Estate at Florida International University (FIU). The unique global real estate profile of Miami and South Florida sets the stage for debate and dialogue on the place of real estate within society domestically and globally. Our program empowers our real estate students to excel in a fast paced competitive real estate business environment. The MSIRE program uniquely offers a combination of face to face and live internet classes offering flexibility to our students whom many are busy professionals. Florida International Universitys College of Business Administration and its faculty are recognized internationally as leaders in the production and dissemination of real estate knowledge and are shaping this debate. In fact, the Hollo School of Real at FIU is ranked #1 in USA and #2 Globally for Real Estate Research. Our MSIRE Cohorts have been nominated in the top 3 of the Argus National Challenges. FIU is also one of less than about 20 universities in North American that offer a graduate program in real estate. FIU offers the Master of Science in International Real Estate (MSIRE) Miami and the Flex Master of Science in Real Estate (Flex MSIRE) Programs and is part of the CCIM University Partnership Program. The two graduate programs are integrated and offer students within the region and globally access to a top Masters program in real estate. MSIRE Miami is our Miami based program and our Flex MSIRE program is an internet based program with specific integration with the MSIRE Miami program. FIU is enhancing access to sophisticated graduate education in real estate using state of the art technology affecting location.


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