• Anamika Prasad is an Associate Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Florida International University (FIU). She has a joint appointment with the Mechanical and Materials Engineering and also serves as Diversity Mentor Professor with AWED (Advance Women, Equity, & Diversity). Dr. Prasad previously served as Assistant Professor at the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Department of Mechanical Engineering. She received her Ph.D. from MIT, postdoctoral training from Stanford University, and has over four years of industry experience. Dr. Prasad’s research is at the intersection of materials science, structural mechanics, and biological systems, with an application focus on biomedical engineering, aerospace composites, sustainable materials, and biomedical devices for precision agriculture and healthcare. Her current research interests include bioinspired next-generation composites, bone tumor mechanics, plant biomechanics, and sustainable materials design. Dr. Prasad has received approx. $1.2 million grant, including NSF CAREER award 2021 and the DOD’s DURIP grant. Her work has been highlighted by multiple outlets, including Newswise,, Acta Materialia, Air Force Research Lab, and University publications. Beyond research, Dr. Prasad is keen on using materials education as a vehicle for STEM workforce development, current focus on rural and Native American communities.

research interests

  • Biobased and bioinspired material design, Tissue biomechanics (bone tumor, vascular tissue in plant, cardiovascular tissue), Nano-mechanical characterization Biomedical devices for precision agriculture and healthcare,

    Nanoindentation, Spectroscopic analysis (Raman and FTIR), Imaging (SEM, Laser microscopy), Solid mechanics (FEM), 3D manufacturing (electrospinning and 3D printing).

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Anamika Prasad