• Dr. Dick is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist who studies the neurobiology of language and executive function using diffusion-weighted and functional imaging. He is specifically interested in how these cognitive processes are mutually supported by developing structural and functional neural networks, in both typically developing and atypically developing children (e.g., children with ADHD, pediatric stroke). In 2018 he edited a graduate developmental science text (Dick & Müller, Eds., Advancing Developmental Science; Philosophy, Theory, and Method). He has been funded by the NIDCD, NICHD, NIMH, NIDA, NIDDK and NSF to conduct his work.

research interests

  • The Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, is directed by Dr. Anthony Dick. The laboratory conducts leading research on how children’s brains develop as they learn language and problem solving skills (i.e., executive function). We use safe and non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to learn about brain development. Our research is supported by active grants from the NIH (R01MH112588; R01DK119814; U01DA041156; R01HD098152) and from the National Science Foundation (NSF2028680), and our findings are published in major scientific journals and help to inform educational and mental health policy. Please use the links above to navigate the site!

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Anthony Dick