• Dr. Sabrina Sales Martinez is an assistant professor in the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition and a registered dietitian/nutritionist. She currently is teaching the Fundamentals of Food and Food Science courses at the undergraduate level and Nutritional Assessment at the graduate level. Dr. Sales Martinez is investigating how lifestyle factors such as diet and cardiometabolic risk factors in underrepresented groups living in South Florida may affect the intestinal microbiome, risks for chronic conditions, and health disparities. She is also an investigator with the FIU-Research Center in Minority Institutions (FIU-RCMI). She is an active member of the American Society for Nutrition.

research interests

  • Gut Microbiome, Diet & Nutrition, Cardiometabolic Risk Factors, and Health Disparities

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Sabrina Sales Martinez


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