Health Policy and Management Academic Department

Graduates from the Department of Health Policy and Management (HPM) are poised for careers in health care management, health economics and population health management. From making the delivery of health care safer and more efficient to expanding health insurance coverage, our graduates are trained to make sense of todays complex environment. We are constantly looking for ways to eliminate disparities in access and care, while providing economic evaluations to the government. Our unique location in South Florida allows us to incorporate diversity into our research, which ensures our graduates develop into culturally sensitive leaders. Our departments faculty and staff inspire students to make a difference through research and partnerships with South Florida health care and non-health care organizations as they explore innovative solutions to societys most pressing public health problems. Some of the hot topics we grapple with each day include: Who has rights to health care and what kind of care should people receive Which policies should we have in place to support small businesses for the next outbreak What should we do to improve how we care for our nations veterans Our students learn how to shape these discussions and debates.


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