• PROPOSAL NUMBER: 0802184INSTITUTION: Florida International UniversityNSF PROGRAM: PHY ELEMENTARY PARTICLE ACCEL USERPRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Markowitz, Pete E..TITLE: CHEPREO: An Inter-Regional Grid Enabled Center for High Energy Physics at FIUABSTRACTThis renewal proposal presents a request for five years of funding to support CHEPREO: An Inter-Regional Grid Enabled Center for High Energy Physics Research, Education and Outreach at Florida International University. This Center is a research, education, and outreach program that has, in its first five years, established a durable and vibrant learning community of high school teachers, high school students, university students, scientists, faculty, and associated stake-holders that continues to attract science and math students, using the projects cutting-edge science and advanced cyberinfrastructure as compelling elements of study. An education and research partnership derived from basic research in particle physics (based on the CMS experiment at CERN), grid computing, and advanced networking- transforming the undergraduate experience through modeling-based, guided-inquiry introductory physics classes, a fellowship program, and the establishment of the Physics Learning Center (PLC), CHEPREO is proposed to continue and expand its research, education and outreach for another five years through NSF support, thereby extending the impact of this national resource even further.

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  • September 15, 2008 - August 31, 2014

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  • 0802184