• Dr. Walter Tang is an Associate Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at FIU. He has been with FIU since 1991.

    Dr. Tang teaches a number of undergraduate and graduate courses and is heavily involved in research. His specialization areas are physico-chemical treatment processes; advanced oxidation processes; environmental applications of aquatic, organic, catalytic, and colloidal chemistry; environmental molecular structure and activity relationship, UV disinfection; and environmental impact assessment.

    Dr. Tang received his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1993. Prior to pursuing his doctorate, Dr. Tang earned an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1988, an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in 1986, and a B.S. in Sanitary Engineering from Chongqing University in Chongqing, China in 1983.

    Dr. Tang has numerous awards and honors to his credit, including:

    1. Fulbright lectureship award from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, which supported one academic year of teaching at Tallinn Technology University in Estonia from 2009-2010.
    2. Visiting Faculty Research Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the summer of 2008.
    3. Research Fellow, sponsored by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) and hosted by the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan in the summer of 2004;

    Dr. Tang won the FIU Faculty Research Award in 1997 and the Teaching Award in 1998, among other honors.

    Dr. Tang’s work has been published in more than seventy peer-reviewed papers and three books. His textbook, Sustainable Environmental Engineering, published by John Wiley and Sons in 2019, developed twelve design principles with 36 quantified metrics for future water and wastewater treatment systems.

    Dr. Tang has served on a multitude of committees in service to FIU throughout his career.

research interests

  • Sustainable environmental engineering (SEE), water resource recovery facility, advanced oxidation processes, artificial intelligence in SEE design, innovative technologies such as VUV, UV/TiO2, Fenton process, electrocoagulation, microfiltration and reverse osmosis, uncertainty analysis in engineering design, physicochemical treatment processes; environmental applications of aquatic, catalytic, photocatalytic and colloidal chemistry; advanced oxidation processes for groundwater remediation; treatability of organic pollutants in different physicochemical processes; kinetics and mechanisms involved in these processes; environmental Molecular Structure and Activity Relationship (QSAR); QSAR in predicting toxicity of organic pollutants and fate in air water, and soil; internet database of QSAR models; environmental impact assessment; hurricane impact assessment using internet database, internet GIS, expert system, HTML, C++, and Java languages.

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Zhonghong Tang


publication subject areas