Measurements of GEn/GMn from the 2H(e, e′n)1H Reaction to Q2 = 1.45 (GeV/c)2 Article

Madey, R, Semenov, AY, Taylor, S et al. (2003). Measurements of GEn/GMn from the 2H(e, e′n)1H Reaction to Q2 = 1.45 (GeV/c)2 . PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 91(12), 1220021-1220025.

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  • The measurements of GEn/GMn obtained via recoil polarimetry from the quasielastic 2H(e→,e′n→)1H reaction at three central Q2 values of 0.45, 1.15 and 1.47 (GeV/c)2 were reported. A beam of longitudinally polarized electrons was found to scatter quasielastically from a neutron in a 15-cm liquid deuterium target. A scattered electron was detected in the High Momentum Spectrometer (HMS) in coincidence with the recoil neutron.

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  • September 19, 2003

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  • 1220021

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  • 1220025


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