Parallelism in rule-based systems Conference

Sabharwal, A, Iyengar, SS, De Saussure, G et al. (1988). Parallelism in rule-based systems . SMART BIOMEDICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY XI, 937 360-372. 10.1117/12.946995

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  • Sabharwal, A; Iyengar, SS; De Saussure, G; Weisbin, CR



  • Rule-based systems, which have proven to be extremely useful for several Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems applications, currently face severe limitations due to the slow speed of their execution. To achieve the desired speed-up, this paper addresses the problem of parallelization of production systems and explores the various architectural and algorithmic possibilities. The inherent sources of parallelism in the production system structure are analyzed and the trade-offs, limitations and feasibility of exploitation of these sources of parallelism are presented. Based on this analysis, we propose a dedicated, coarse-grained, n-ary tree multiprocessor architecture for the parallel implementation of rule-based systems and then present algorithms for partitioning of rules in this architecture.

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  • March 29, 1988

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