Yacoub, Mohamed

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  • Dr. Yacoub received a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Composition from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). He received his MA in TESOL from Missouri State University (MSU). Dr. Yacoub taught at MSU in Missouri; IUP in Pennsylvania; Liaoning Normal University-Missouri State University in Dalian, China; King Faisal Academy in Saudi Arabia; and different schools in Egypt.

    At FIU, Dr. Yacoub teaches a range of courses such as:
    ENC 1101: Writing and Rhetoric I
    ENC 1102: Writing and Rhetoric II
    ENC 3213: Professional and Technical Writing
    ENC 3354: Writing as Social Action
    ENC 3371: Rhetorical Theory and Practice
    ENC 4331: Community Writing

    Dr. Yacoub was a Fulbright scholar in 2012-2013. He published research in different academic journals and received a number of honors and distinctions.

research interests

  • Mohamed Yacoub is an assistant teaching professor in the Writing and Rhetoric Program in the English Department. His research interests include narratives of multilingual students in undergraduate required composition courses, writing program structures, the identity of multilingual Muslim students, ESL students learning challenges, and morphological and phonological variations in loanwords. Dr. Yacoub has published in different scholarly journals such as The Journal of Language, Identity & Education; Studies In Contrastive Grammar; International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research; the Qualitative Report; PLOS One; Millennium Journal of English Literature, Linguistics and Translation; and Modern English Teacher.

selected scholarly works & creative activities

full name

  • Mohamed Yacoub