• Dr. Yuanchang Sun, an assistant professor of mathematics, received his Ph.D. in applied and computational mathematics 2009 from Michigan State University. Before joining FIU, he has been working as a visiting assistant professor at Univ of California Irvine from '09-'12. He has been an assistant professor of FIU since August of 2012. Dr. Sun's research areas include 1) signal separations and decompositions, and data analysis; 2) mathematical modeling, analysis, and computations of light-matter interactions on microscopic scales; Over the years, he has made a number of publications and presentations in these topics, and he has taught a variety of courses including calculus, differential equations, numerical analysis, topics in mathematical modeling, etc. Over the past years, he has received several awards and honors including a collaboration grants for mathematician from Simons Foundation from 2016-2021. For the fall of 2016, he will be teaching calculus 3 and introduction to mathematical modeling.

research interests

  • Math Modeling and Computation in Signal Separation.

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  • Yuanchang Sun