Meyer (Barantovich), Martha Graduate Faculty



  • As a former public school high school educator, Martha M. Meyer (Barantovich) became interested in the idea(s) of critical pedagogy as it relates to marginalized individuals in school. She has worked with students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools to examine these issues as it relates to their experience in high school. She examines policy practices on the local, state, and national level as it relates to educational decision making and curriculum decision making. She believes that honest and forthright dialogue regarding the issues in education need to place at all levels of the educational enterprise in order for true educational change to take place. She encourages her students to think critically about theory in order to apply it practically in their classroom experiences.

research interests

  • Urban Education/Foundations of Education; Marginalized youth; Eradicating the School to Prison Pipeline; Peace Education; Civil Rights; Critical Pedagogy; Educational Policy

full name

  • Martha Barantovich
  • Martha Meyer