Learning building sciences in virtual environments Conference

Davis, DL, Vassigh, S, Alhaffar, H et al. (2018). Learning building sciences in virtual environments . 2018-June

cited authors

  • Davis, DL; Vassigh, S; Alhaffar, H; Elias, AJ; Gallardo, G


  • This paper presents an interdisciplinary research project engaging students from Architecture, Construction, and Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. The project builds on advances of recent technologies to develop, implement, and test a prototype immersive environment. The design of this environment aims to facilitate interdisciplinary education for design and construction of environmentally responsive buildings. The project integrates Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies with Building Information Modeling (BIM), visual simulations, and interactive lessons to create an effective and interactive environment for learning. The paper examines how the use of these technologies in combination with collaborative learning approaches impact student motivation and attitudes towards further engagement in collaborative learning.

publication date

  • June 23, 2018


  • 2018-June