New architecture for distributed sensor integration Conference

Nadig, D, Iyengar, SS, Jayasimha, DN. (1993). New architecture for distributed sensor integration .

cited authors

  • Nadig, D; Iyengar, SS; Jayasimha, DN



  • The computational issues related to information integration in multisensor systems and distributed sensor networks has become an active area of research. From a computational viewpoint, the efficient extraction of information from noisy and faulty signals emanating from many sensors requires the solution of problems related a) to the architecture and fault tolerance of the distributed sensor network, b) to the proper synchronization of sensor signals, and c) to the integration of information to keep the communication and the centralized processing requirements small. In this paper, we propose a versatile architecture for a distributed sensor network which consists of a multilevel network with the nodes (processing element/sensor pairs) at each level interconnected as a de Brujin network. We show that this multilevel network has reasonable fault tolerance, admits simple and decentralized routing, and offers easy extensibility. We model information from sensors as real valued intervals and state an interesting property related to information integration in the presence of faults. No pagination in original publication.

publication date

  • January 1, 1993

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 10