Mobile WSN Testbed for Agriculture: Plant Monitoring System Conference

Meda, NS, Sadashiva, TG, Ramani, SK et al. (2018). Mobile WSN Testbed for Agriculture: Plant Monitoring System . 10.1109/ICECIT.2017.8453343

cited authors

  • Meda, NS; Sadashiva, TG; Ramani, SK; Iyengar, SS



  • Wireless Sensor Network is having a potential to change the scope of new generation computing. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) provides powerful means to gather the different kind of data and for data acquisition. It has a wide array of applications ranging from health monitoring to military. Our work focuses mainly on plant monitoring. In this paper, we propose the novel idea of designing mobile testbeds which are capable of moving randomly all along the agricultural field. We then concentrate on the technique to collect the data with the help of mobile testbeds at different locations in the agricultural field. Mobile testbeds collect and transmit the data from many locations at different time intervals. The combined data is analysed in the base station. Forecasting with regression is useful in predicting or forecasting the variable. Prediction about the desired variable is made by the technique called Regression model. Plant health monitoring also includes prevention against bacterial and fungal diseases. This paper also discusses the detection of disease and its name for a particular plant by using image processing techniques. Index terms: Mobile testbed, Forecasting with regression, Bilateral filtering, Canny edge detection, Contour method.

publication date

  • August 31, 2018

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