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Sniatala, P, Iyengar, SS, Ramani, SK. (2021). Introduction . 47-53. 10.1007/978-3-030-77764-7_6

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  • Sniatala, P; Iyengar, SS; Ramani, SK



  • The greatest requirement in the modern age is the need for empowering security that will provide tamper evident information exchange. This brings up a prominent need for techniques that integrate modern cryptosystem solutions to achieve enhanced information integrity and confidentiality with minimum impact to system performance. Cryptosystems have evolved leaps and bounds striving to achieve this. However, a paradigm shift is to be unearthed with the great pervasiveness of the attacker knowledge and attack surfaces. Generation and use of large volumes of data has made this a topic of great importance especially in this era. This book gives the reader a tour through the evolution of cryptosystems, their achievements, and the growth of more sophisticated systems that have affordable time and space complexities. Our mission is to explain the evolution of techniques and strategies in securing information transfer and storage thus facilitating a digital transition toward the modern tamper evident systems. We hope this book can provide both a fundamental understanding of what is security and its requirements to finally how it can be achieved so that business organizations and individuals can understand the ways and means to secure large volumes of generated data and addressing the associated growing threat of attackers relentlessly waging attacks and the challenges in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and provenance of data. The book provides a comprehensive insight into the secure communication techniques and tools that have evolved and the impact they have had in supporting and flourishing the business through the cyber era. This book also includes chapters that discuss the most primitive encryption schemes to the most recent use of homomorphism in ensuring the privacy of the data thus leveraging greater use of new technologies like cloud computing and others. We thus hope that this book titled "The Evolution of Tamper evident Secure Systems for the Cyber Era" is the perfect ally for industry experts, researchers, students, and others who are interested in securing their information and systems from the prying eyes of attackers. This book provides a wealth of information for the audience with the necessary information and tools that can be used to design a tamper evident and secure ecology in this highly vulnerable cyber era.

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  • November 30, 2021

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