On the Convergence of Blockchain and IoT for Enhanced Security Book Chapter

Gangwani, P, Bhardwaj, T, Perez-Pons, A et al. (2023). On the Convergence of Blockchain and IoT for Enhanced Security . 35-49. 10.1201/9781003248750-3

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  • Gangwani, P; Bhardwaj, T; Perez-Pons, A; Upadhyay, H; Lagos, L


  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the group of intelligent “objects” in a network that collects information and makes smart assessments. Due to the blend of IoT and the Internet, heterogeneous intelligent devices might handle real-time information and transactions. However, there are certain concerns with IoT, such as security, privacy, and data integrity that need to be addressed. Blockchain technology with its “secure by design” can overcome these challenges of IoT and address the major IoT security requirements. The key characteristics of blockchain are decentralization, immutability, data encryption, smart contracts, and consensus mechanism that can improve IoT security performance and avoid potential threats. In this book chapter, we are going to talk about the various security issues with IoT and how the blockchain integration can address those security risks. Additionally, we will also present the challenges that need to be addressed by integrating IoT with blockchain technology.

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  • January 1, 2023

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  • 35

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  • 49