Virtuous inquiry, refusal, and cynical work Book Chapter

Kuntz, AM. (2019). Virtuous inquiry, refusal, and cynical work . 96-108.

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  • Kuntz, AM



  • This chapter explains about outrage and refusal as a generative ontological formation, one enacted through truth-telling and truth-making. It shows that virtuous inquiry as an ethical imperative to create the conditions necessary for material change. New ontological possibilities manifest at the limits of epistemological practice; the threshold of knowing into becoming, encountered through virtuous inquiry. As a form of truth-telling, virtuous inquiry comes to articulate truths of the moment, an immanent critique that generates a future unknown. In similar fashion, Anders Kristensen situates truth as a type of critique: “the effort of creating new forms of problems�?—a creative practice that challenges the present terrain to make way for alternative relations or contexts. In the contemporary moment cynical parrhesia manifest as a type of virtuous inquiry, making possible the circumstances necessary for relational truth-telling to occur, bringing together important elements of citizenship, ethical duty, outrage, and vulnerable risk.

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  • January 1, 2019

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  • 96

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  • 108