Gunn effect in field-emission phenomena Article

Litovchenko, V, Evtukh, A, Yilmazoglu, O et al. (2005). Gunn effect in field-emission phenomena . JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 97(4), 10.1063/1.1847724

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  • Litovchenko, V; Evtukh, A; Yilmazoglu, O; Mutamba, K; Hartnagel, HL; Pavlidis, D


  • The peculiarities of electron field emission from nanostructured GaN surface have been investigated. The current-voltage characteristics of emission current in Fowler-Nordheim plot show two parts with different slopes. There are emission current oscillations in the changing slope region. As an explanation for the experimental results a model based on the electron-emission analysis from lower (Γ) valley, upper (U) valley, and electron transition between valleys due to heating in electric field has been proposed. The electron affinities for the emission from Γ and U valleys have been determined. The decreased affinities from there valleys have been estimated for quantization in nanostructured GaN. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.

publication date

  • February 15, 2005

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