Memory Quirks: The Study of Odd Phenomena in Memory Book

Cleary, AM, Schwartz, BL. (2020). Memory Quirks: The Study of Odd Phenomena in Memory . 1-337. 10.4324/9780429264498

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  • Cleary, AM; Schwartz, BL


  • Memory Quirks explores the odd phenomena that challenge and upend our traditional understanding of human memory. Theory in memory research was developed to explain basic processes such as encoding and retrieval, recognition and recall, and semantic and episodic memory. However, the peculiar memory phenomena that we all occasionally experience often contradict standard theories of memory processing. Featuring research from leading international academics, Memory Quirks examines such topics as déjà vu, insight and creativity in memory, memory for past meals, the presque vu phenomenon, tip-of-the-tongue states, unconscious plagiarism, and borrowed, stolen, and long-term implicit memory. It also explains why these phenomena are important to understanding the entire spectrum of human memory. This fascinating book will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, cognitive psychology and metamemory researchers, and those who wish to broaden their understanding of the complexities of memory.

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  • April 28, 2020

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