The secure model for enterprise connectivity Conference

Makki, K, Pissinou, N, Bambawale, S. (2000). The secure model for enterprise connectivity . 2000-October 176-182. 10.1109/ICCCN.2000.885488

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  • Makki, K; Pissinou, N; Bambawale, S



  • The need for implementing data security over the enterprise network model has been brought to the forefront of the e-commerce marketplace by an increasing amount of incidents involving the compromise of confidential data as well as the abuse of private information by electronic intruders. The priority of data that is being stored, distributed and processedover the network medium has led to a strong focus on the security of the data, and the security of systems that contain and distribute it. The ideal of this new prototype is an alternative mode of enforcing security on enterprise networks by using algorithms aimed at data fragmentation rather than encryption. While encryption provides a means for scrambling data through the use of complex algorithms, this model proposes a mechanism for fragmenting the data stream in a way that reconstruction is possible only within a zone deemed safe by the implementation process. By binding the reconstruction process to a logical location within the safe area, it is possible to enforce a high level of safety around the entire data link process. The compromise of all data fragments would not allow reconstruction into the original form without the necessary complimentaryreconstruction algorithm. As another layer of security, the reconstruction algorithm would allow execution only from a predefined logical location on the enterprise domain, and would thus be rendered useless if executed from an intruder's location. This system ensures that the overhead involved with imposing higher encryption strengths is bypassedwithout the loss of the security enforcedover the system.

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  • January 1, 2000

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