Typification and Nomenclature of Five Taxa Endemic to Jamaica Article

Commock, T, Rose, PE, Gandhi, KN et al. (2017). Typification and Nomenclature of Five Taxa Endemic to Jamaica . 22(2), 137-140. 10.3100/hpib.v22iss2.2017.n8

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  • Commock, T; Rose, PE; Gandhi, KN; Campbell, KCSE; Wurdack, KJ; Francisco-Ortega, J; Jestrow, B


  • Recent systematic treatments for Jamaica have shown that the island is home to seven endemic genera of seed-plants [viz., Dendrocousinsia (Euphorbiaceae), Jacmaia (Asteraceae), Odontocline (Asteraceae), Portlandia (Rubiaceae), Salpixantha (Acanthaceae), Tetrasiphon (Celastraceae), and Zemisia (Asteraceae)]. These taxa account for over 23 species, with three genera (Jacmaia, Tetrasiphon, and Zemisia) being monotypic. Further study of these taxa revealed that five names need typification: (1) Tetrasiphon jamaicensis Urb.; (2) Senecio fadyenii Griseb.; (3) S. fadyenii var. dolichanthus Krug & Urb.; (4) S. hollickii Britton ex Greenm. [all the three Senecio taxa included in Odontocline]; and (5) Gymnanthes elliptica Sw. Lectotypes for these names are designated here. Furthermore, G. elliptica is transferred to Dendrocousinsia and the new combination is made here: D. elliptica (Sw.) Commock & K. Wurdack.

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  • December 1, 2017

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