Accurate 3D source localization of focal epileptic foci using interictal EEG spikes Conference

Cabrerizo, M, Goryawala, M, Jayakar, P et al. (2011). Accurate 3D source localization of focal epileptic foci using interictal EEG spikes . 10.1109/SPMB.2011.6120106

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  • Cabrerizo, M; Goryawala, M; Jayakar, P; Barreto, A; Khizroev, S; Adjouadi, M


  • The goal of any surgery is the patient's complete recovery with maximum relief and minimal adverse effects. This goal is less complicated when epilepsy is predicated on tumor location revealed through standard imaging studies, in which case noninvasive post surgical studies can relate the 3D source with the area of the tumor that was removed. Success is more difficult, however, in non-lesional cases, where the characteristics of the epilepsy event are more difficult to define. This challenge reinforces the need for accurate 3D source localization to guarantee success of the first surgical intervention. Through this major undertaking which integrates recording modalities in time and space, clinicians and surgeons become more confident at prescribing a resection, especially when markers for the epileptogenic area and related brain functional assessments are consistent with the area thought to be the cause of the diagnosed neurological problem. This study evaluates the utility of 3D localization of interictal spike activity on the electroencephalographs (EEG) superimposed on magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) in a pediatric population. The results show a 99% concordance between EEG source localization and the suggested epileptogenic zone. © 2011 IEEE.

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  • December 1, 2011

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