A hybrid method to cellular traffic using optic beam interconnects Conference

Makki, K, Pissinou, N, Gumaste, A. (2000). A hybrid method to cellular traffic using optic beam interconnects . 1303-1305.

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  • Makki, K; Pissinou, N; Gumaste, A



  • We propose a new type of wireless system, which is to provide for multimedia, bandwidth upon demand and Quality of Service (QoS) to the user. The system proposes to disable the problem caused by the unavailability of wired access by inculcating large bandwidths upon demand to individual users. The scheme proposes the use of optical beams in interconnecting mobile-telephone-switching-offices (MTSO) with each other using distinct WDM measures in a multihop scenario. Small microcells capable of growing themselves and reducing back to their macro size are employed. Traffic is dealt with the anomalous expansion and contraction of these cells. A high data rate to individual users is provided upon by a FH-CDMA based system whereby the chip rate becomes proportional to the channel quality. This ad-hoc method of adaptive coding helps the user maintain a uniform data rate through out all times. Benefits of this approach are dealt with in great detail and issues of reliability and hand off as well as system diversity is dealt with. As a further approach is suggested the interaction of this system with an all-optical underlaying network.

publication date

  • December 1, 2000

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International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 13

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  • 1303

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  • 1305