H3(p,)4He reaction and the (,p)/(,n) ratio in He4 Article

Feldman, G, Balbes, MJ, Kramer, LH et al. (1990). H3(p,)4He reaction and the (,p)/(,n) ratio in He4 . PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 42(4), 10.1103/PhysRevC.42.R1167

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  • Feldman, G; Balbes, MJ; Kramer, LH; Williams, JZ; Weller, HR; Tilley, DR



  • The absolute differential cross section for the H3(p,)4He reaction has been measured at =90° for Ep=2.0 15.0 MeV, corresponding to photon energies E=21.3 31.1 MeV. The present results are 35% lower than previously measured (p,) cross sections and are in excellent agreement with recent (,p) data obtained with monoenergetic photons. Comparing our results to current photoneutron cross sections gives a ratio (,p)/(,n)=1.09 0.17 for E=24 31 MeV. This ratio is consistent with conventional theoretical predictions, indicating that no charge-symmetry violation in He4 is required. © 1990 The American Physical Society.

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  • January 1, 1990

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