Nucleon - nucleon interactions at short distances Book Chapter

Sargsian, MM. (2014). Nucleon - nucleon interactions at short distances . 173-202.

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  • Sargsian, MM



  • Despite the progress made in understanding the NN interactions at long distances based on effective field theories, the understanding of the dynamics of short range NN interactions remains as elusive as ever. One of the most fascinating properties of short range interaction is its repulsive nature which is responsible for the stability of strongly interacting matter. The relevant distances, = 0.5 fm, in this case are such that one expects the onset of quark-gluon degrees of freedom with interaction being dominated by QCD dynamics. We review the current status of the understanding of the QCD dynamics of NN interactions at short distances, highlight outstanding questions and outline the theoretical foundation of QCD description of hard NN processes. We present examples of how the study of the hard elastic NN interaction can reveal the symmetry structure of valence quark component of the nucleon wave function and how the onset of pQCD regime is correlated with the onset of color transparency phenomena in hard pp scattering in the nuclear medium. The discussions show how the new experimental facilities can help to advance the knowledge about the QCD nature of nuclear forces at short distances.

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  • July 1, 2014

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