Photoproduction of the ρ0 Meson on the proton at large momentum transfer Article

Battaglieri, M, Anciant, E, Anghinolfi, M et al. (2001). Photoproduction of the ρ0 Meson on the proton at large momentum transfer . PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 87(17), 1720021-1720025.

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  • A large acceptance spectrometer was used to measure differential cross section for meson photoproduction on proton above the resonance region. Regge trajectory exchanges were used to describe the low momentum transfer region of the QCD-inspired model. Analysis suggested that the inclusion of quark interchange processes in the calculations of meson production resulted in good agreement with experimental values. Strong variation of the rho/background ratio indicated a statistical error ranging from 5% to 30%.

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  • October 22, 2001

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  • 1720021

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  • 1720025


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