Elias Iv, Albert Graduate Faculty



  • Albert is an Information Architect who thrives in developing creative solutions for complex problems. He is a designer with an interdisciplinary background who operates at the intersections of science, art, and technology. He worked as a lead research assistant on a National Science Foundation (IUSE) funded grant where he was responsible for the development of Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for data visualization of Building Information Models (BIM). Albert is the founder of Aberrate LLC, and his work is a coalescence of various projects. Currently he is developing Augmented/ Virtual reality platforms for a multiple markets including the commercial real estate and event planning. He is the creator of winning design projects in computational design and architecture including “the world’s first 3D printed cello” which has been featured in multiple magazines, websites, and venues around the world (China, Japan, Russia, and Europe).

full name

  • Albert Elias IV
  • Albert Elias Iv