Daruwala, Maneck Graduate Faculty

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  • She has taught a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses (for which she received a University Excellence in Teaching Award). Her more recent teaching focuses on literature from the late eighteenth century onward, especially on poetry, on Romanticism (authors ranging from Mary Wollstonecraft to John Keats), on late Romanticism, and on courses touching on The Aesthetic Movement, Modernism and the Irish Renaissance (with an emphasis on Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats). All these courses engage their literary, historical and social contexts as well as our own, and emphasize the pleasures and transformations of the text.

research interests

  • Maneck Daruwala has a B.A. (Hons.) from the University of Bombay and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. She is especially interested in literature and literary movements from the late eighteenth century onward, including Romanticism and late Romanticism (assuming ours is a period of belated Romanticism), and in Indian English literature. She has published on a variety of writers including John Keats, Mary Wollstonecraft, Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats. Her recent and forthcoming publications include ""'Every Paddler’s Heritage’: W. B. Yeats, Hans Christian Andersen, Susan Pollexfen Yeats, S. T. Coleridge and Children’s Stories,” and ""Wilde in Earnest.”

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  • Maneck Daruwala