Cano, Patricia

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  • I continue my professional development, and lead through my service work, on Writing & Rhetoric’s Community Writing Committee and Professional and Technical Writing Committee. Recently, I have innovated my teaching of two courses through redesign initiatives. In Summer 2021, I participated in a pilot group teaching FIU’s “Understanding Emotional Intelligence” micro-credential within the curriculum of ENC1930 Essay Writing. By participating in Project THINC’s course redesign program, I revamped and am teaching a new version of ENC3213/3249 Professional and Technical Writing for Fall 2021. Currently, I oversee 21 undergraduate teams investigating problems related to FIU students’ physical, social, and emotional well-being.

research interests

  • My research interests center around the use of community engagement projects as a way to enhance students’ learning while they contribute to local and global causes. My undergraduate teams conduct primary research regarding problems in their communities and create solution projects to benefit community members. I’m interested in how students’ sense of belong and agency may be impacted through such engagement. Another interest area includes the use critical pedagogy with first-year composition students as a way to promote meaningful public-facing communication. Finally, I’m learning more about the roles that mindfulness meditation, active listening, and emotional intelligence play in student success.

full name

  • Patricia Cano
  • Patricia Warman