• Kristine Acosta earned her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric and MA in Applied Learning and Instruction. She currently teaches professional and technical writing courses. Kristine has participated in several professional conferences within her fields of study. Some of her most recent conference presentations include: Considering Positionality as a Commonplace in Personal, Academic, Transnational, and Community Research (Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC): April 2021) and Layering Visual Communication into the Literacies: Revisiting “Layered Literacies” After 16 Years (Association for Business Communication (ABC) Conference: October 2018).

research interests

  • Community literacy, visual literacy, positionality, intercultural communication, Latinx and Cuban-American mental health rhetoric, mental healthcare technical communication, and social justice approaches to technical communication.

full name

  • Kristine Acosta