GENI Engineering Conference 25 Grant

GENI Engineering Conference 25 .


  • This project supports hosting the 25th edition of the GENI Engineering conference (GEC-25), including organizing and hosting the demo session, to be held on March 14-15, 2017, on the Florida International University's Miami campus. The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) is a virtual instrument that is emerging as a foundational experimental research platform across the United States. GENI aims to transform experimental research in networking and distributed systems, as well as emerging research in very large socio-technical systems, by providing a suite of infrastructure for 'at scale' experiments in future internets. GENI is an instrument designed to address three issues: 1. Science Issues: We cannot currently fully understand or predict the behavior of complex, large-scale networks. 2. Societal Issues: We increasingly rely on the Internet but are unsure we can trust its security, privacy or resilience. 3. Innovation Issues: Substantial barriers exist to at-scale experimentation with new architectures, services, and technologies. GENI addresses these issues via scale (from federation) and support for two kinds of experiments: 1) controlled and repeatable experiments, which will greatly help improve our scientific understanding of complex, large-scale networks; and 2) in-the-wild trials of experimental services that ride atop or connect to today's Internet and that engage large numbers of human participants. The GEC meeting and Demo sessions provide graduate students with both an opportunity to demonstrate and explain their work to the GENI community prior to formal publication. It is a key part of helping new graduate students understand what is being done with GENI and who among their peers at other institutions might be valuable resources. It also supports outreach to new community members, including the emerging US Ignite community. GENI is already being used as an instrument for research. This proposal supports the development and use of the research instrument.

date/time interval

  • March 1, 2017 - February 28, 2018

sponsor award ID

  • 1724805