SHF: Small: Vertically Integrated Persistence Grant

SHF: Small: Vertically Integrated Persistence .


  • A new generation of data storage devices based on persistent memory technology are becoming available. Persistent memory devices address many shortcomings of previous generation technology including performance, power consumption, and device size. They have the potential to empower businesses and consumers with new and better capabilities. When these devices made available, either as part of a packaged digital service or within self-contained devices, they have the potential to vastly benefit the consumers of technology. This project builds the core software capabilities necessary for ensuring that the full potential of this new technology is realized and delivered to the end consumer. In particular, this project creates enabling technologies for operating data center servers, personal desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile tablet computers and smart-phones more efficiently and at lower cost. Existing software support for storage are built around a set of core assumptions and goals that are rendered obsolete by persistent memory based storage devices. In this project, the PI will develop a new set of guiding principles for software that supports such devices from the ground up. In particular, this purpose-built software takes a vertically integrated approach using a minimalistic cross-layer design across components of the software stack. The new stack addresses the cornerstones of systems infrastructure including all levels of software and hardware, including application, compiler, the operating system, and the device access hardware infrastructure including the device itself. Educational activities include involvement of undergraduate students and incorporation of project research into courses taught by the PI. Outreach includes recruitment of under-represented minority students for participation in the project.

date/time interval

  • September 15, 2017 - August 31, 2020

sponsor award ID

  • 1718335