Campus Cyber Infrastructure- CC*DNI Grant

Campus Cyber Infrastructure- CC*DNI .


  • Cyberinfrastructure is increasing diversity and adding new types of complexity and challenges on campus for researchers and information technology staff at Florida International University (FIU). Together they are encountering barriers in interoperability and usability when attempting to integrate resources at the campus level with sites connected across other campuses, regional, national and international organizations. Researcher demand is growing dramatically for network services and expertise to access cyberinfrastructure resources including climate data, Large Hadron Collider data, remote observing on optical telescopes, and computing and data resources for example. Simultaneously, the campus network infrastructure must be operated with security and best practices that protect day-to-day operations, financial and personnel data of the university.The Campus Cyber-Infrastructure Engineer Lead or C-CIEL (i.e. Campus Seal) assists in the planning, designing and implementation of a seamless integrated cyberinfrastructure. FIU is connecting researchers' laboratories to facilities and cyberinfrastructure resources at destination end points providing friction-free multi-institutional research collaborations through the campus science network and Science DMZ, and Identify and Access Management infrastructure. The C-CIEL guides the effort to coordinate and collaborate with the Information Technology departments, academic units and research groups, to design and engineer solutions that address their application requirements, from an end-to-end perspective.Broader impacts of this project are increasing multi-institutional collaborative research, increasing uptake and use of campus science network, Science DMZ and cyber security infrastructure; and, contributing towards a community of campus cyberinfrastructure engineers by fostering engagement and coordination on campus, regional, national and international levels.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2018

sponsor award ID

  • 1541402