Big Geospatial Data for Decision Support in Ebola Triage Grant

Big Geospatial Data for Decision Support in Ebola Triage .


  • Proposal #: 15-07611PI(s): Rishe, NaphtaliInstitution: Florida International University Title: RAPID: Big Geospatial Data for Decision Support in Ebola Triage Project Proposed:This project, developing a methodology for utilization of geospatial data for decision support in triage and hotline operations related to identification of suspected cases of Ebola aims to further, develop a prototype module, on the base of the TerraFly instrument (presently funded by NSF). The prototype, a decision support application, presents data mashup to operators responding to hotline calls and patient encounter triage. Additionally, the effort leverages work on Fuzzy Logic for epidemics prediction. Furthermore, in collaboration with UMBC, FIU researchers will:- Identify locations of Ebola by geolocating references in Twitter Posts, utilizing the FIUs patent-pending technology of geolocating social media,- Generate near real time Crisis maps demonstrating the spread of Ebola available data and assess their utility to stakeholders presently involved in mitigation,- Compare maps derived from social media data streams to CDC maps. Broader Impacts:This work, coordinated with and submitted in parallel with respective RAPID proposals, with coalition members at FAU, UMBC, and UMN, aims to jointly address public health problems of national and global significance. In particular the proposers will work with FAU on modeling Ebola spread through use of innovative big data analytics techniques and with UMBC on integrating quantifiable social media data from Twitter into our data mashups. Beyond the present issue of Ebola, the proposed methodology and the coalition-building effort aims to support solutions in a wide range of public health issues.

date/time interval

  • April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2017

sponsor award ID

  • 1507611