EAGER: SwitchOn - Exploring and Strengthening US-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research Grant

EAGER: SwitchOn - Exploring and Strengthening US-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research .


  • This project funds the U.S. side of an exploration of potential collaborations between the U.S. and Brazil on Future Internet Architectures and the GENI project. By having US grad students, early career faculty, and research scientists working closely on innovative and transformative research projects with Brazilian counterparts through short-termvisits and face-to-face meetings at workshops the SwitchOn project will enhance international collaborations on Future Internet research and development between US and Brazil. The project will leverage the ongoing GENI project in the US and various Brazilian efforts such as FIBRE (Future Internet testbeds/experimentation between BRazil and Europe) to explore possibilities for new research collaborations. Especially for GENI, there is significant advantage in having both countries collaborate to further establish a global GENI presence capable of connecting researchers, end-users, and all interested stakeholders at international scale through a fully federated infrastructure. Brazilian researchers are also interested in collaborating in research into global SDN networks, a topic of significant interest to the US.The project's specific activities will include: 1) two focused workshops, bringing together collaborative researchers conducting high-impact Future Internet research as well as research in GENI-like systems in the US and Brazil, and 2) international research experiences, which will allow US researchers to have short-term visits to their Brazilian partners in order to strengthen their research collaboration. Results from the joint research teams will be gathered and synthesized as concrete evidence supporting, and practical guidelines for, future large-scale research collaborations between US and Brazil.

date/time interval

  • August 1, 2014 - January 31, 2018

sponsor award ID

  • 1443285