MRI: Development of An Integrated Geospatial Analytics Instrument Grant

MRI: Development of An Integrated Geospatial Analytics Instrument .


  • Proposal #: CNS 11-26619 PI(s): Rishe, Naphtali D.; Chen, Shu-Ching; Christidis, Evangelos; Li, Tao; Zhao, MingInstitution: Florida International UniversityTitle: MRI/Dev.: An Integrated, Geospatial Analytics Research InstrumentProject Proposed: This project, developing an integrated, high performance instrument designed for the domain experts, focuses its domain on environment from which researchers can easily process and store spatial and related data, visualize and explore data relevant to their domains, and analyze data of interest via analytics of their choosing. This instrument will provide a suite of cloud services and user-centric analytic technologies via a Disaster Dataspace Services Cloud (DDSC), open-standard APIs, and cutting-edge data visualization capabilities. The Instrument will utilize a large-scale, optimized infrastructure to deliver high levels of throughput and responsiveness, including an improved Hadoop/MapReduce architecture to enable decision-support and information discovery queries on massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. The proposed multidisciplinary research includes: - Several areas of Computer Science research, including query and data quality control algorithms on heterogeneous, multisource streaming data, automated discovery approaches, intelligent query/search modeling, GIS, data mining, moving objects, and scientific data visualization; - Algorithms in data quality control and indexing on heterogeneous, multisource streaming data, and knowledge discovery algorithms with spatially aware information, such as rare event and spatio-temporal change and trend detection; and- Instruments applicability in the decision-making process in various fields, especially in disaster mitigation. Broader Impacts: This project, in a minority-serving institution, exhibits strength in broader impacts that may be found In leveraging a number of successful ongoing projects, most notably in computer science and geo-spatial sciences. The instrument carries potential to transform the decision-making process in disaster mitigation. The enabled research should benefit applications in environmental monitoring, transportation, education, public health and safety. The instrument would be used in classroom. Planned is recruitment that targets underrepresented minority students (Hispanics) through innovative research and quality education programs.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2016

sponsor award ID

  • 1126619