Stochastic Time, Cost and Environmental Impact Optimization for Construction Processes Grant

Stochastic Time, Cost and Environmental Impact Optimization for Construction Processes .


  • The objective of this research is to develop a methodology for planning and designing environmentally conscious construction by addressing the interdependency of time, cost and environmental impact (TCEI). The importance of the construction industry in terms of its environmental impact is very well recognized and reflected by the large amount of energy use in existing buildings and construction processes. Nevertheless, the environmental impact of construction processes is still poorly understood. Construction projects are typically executed under multiple constraints such as project schedule, budget, quality and safety. Future advancement of environmentally conscious construction hinges on a better understanding of the interdependency of TCEI. To achieve the objective, a simulation environment called Simulation of Environmental Impacts of Construction (SimulEICon) will be developed to quantitatively and accurately reveal the interdependency of TCEI. The researchers will work with facility owners, designers, contractors and subcontractors to collect sample projects, best practices of environmental impact mitigation measures, and other data related to environmental impact analysis. Hypotheses will be tested using SimulEICon and collected data. The findings of this research are critical for many aspects of construction, for example the selection of optimal construction methods under multiple constraints, e.g., time, cost and environmental impact, the development of new contracting practices that address more stringent environmental requirements, the integration of environmental impact mitigation and project management, and construction education. Since sustainability is a critical education component for many science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, the findings from this project will provide useful data for a wide range of subjects in the construction engineering and management discipline. SimulEICON will also be a valuable teaching and learning tool. Finally, Florida International University has a proven history of providing STEM education to underrepresented groups. This research will be carefully planned to recruit and retain the brightest women and minority students, so that the project will impact diverse student populations and serve as a cradle for a diverse, high quality construction workforce in the future.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2015

sponsor award ID

  • 1000136