Center for Substance Use and AIDS Research on Latinos in the United States Grant

Center for Substance Use and AIDS Research on Latinos in the United States .


  • This proposed project targeting Hispanic migrant workers in South Florida, is a 2-year CBPR-based researcheducation program with the goal of building the knowledge and skills needed at the community level to developand sustain an effective CBPR partnership. This goal will be accomplish through a) the creation of a network oflay health advisors (LHAs) to address HIV testing and prevention among Hispanic migrant workers in SouthFlorida; and b) the creation of a permanent research facility in the community. This programwhich will bebased on the ongoing Community-Campus Fartneships for Health programwill include training, technicalassistance, and mentoring and will integrate the expertise ofthe C-Salud staff with the training and technicalneeds of community partners.The aims of the training component are:1) Develop a training curriculum. We will create a curriculum that will foster community ownership andempowerment among LHAs including capacity building through mentoring and learning exchanges, communityparticipation in all phases ofthe research project, and community ownership. Outcome: Create a trainingmanual and develop a website with information and resources.2) Use the training curriculum to educate community members on various fundamental aspects of HIVprevention related research including community outreach and education, data collection, and findingsdissemination. Outcome: Train 30 LHAs on HIV-prevention among HMWs with the ultimate goal of reducing thedifference between HMWs and other racial/ethnic groups in HIV testing and closing the HIV infection minoritygap that currently exists.3) Create a permanent research environment through the development of a research facility at the FarmworkerAssociation of Florida (FWAF) in Homestead, FL. Outcome: Create research facility to strengthen thecommunity's research capacity.

date/time interval

  • September 18, 2009 - September 17, 2011

sponsor award ID

  • 3P20MD002288-03S1