The Mathematics and Biological Sciences scholarships program at FIU. Grant

The Mathematics and Biological Sciences scholarships program at FIU. .


  • This project is recruiting high ability, low-income students interested in pursuing careers in the biological sciences or mathematics. Broader Impact: The program is targeting incoming freshmen students from the Miami-Dade High Schools, juniors transferring from Miami Dade College with an associate degree, and juniors at the university. The targeted student population has a high percentage of minority students, especially Hispanic. The goal for the freshman students is graduation with a baccalaureate degree in 4 years and for the junior students graduation in 2 years. After graduation, some junior students are being provided support to get a Masters degree in one of the targeted areas (Mathematics (MATH) or the Biological Sciences (BIO)) during the following 2 years.Intellectual Merit: A counseling, guidance, and mentorship program provides mechanisms to students to support program goals. A research experience and an internship program are available to all participating students. A group of specialists assist students with problems they face during their college experience. Faculty from participating disciplines serve as advisors and mentors to the S-STEM scholars, meeting with them regularly to provide advice on academic, career, support services, and learning enhancement opportunities, as well as personal support and encouragement. All of this is designed to create a cohort atmosphere.

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  • September 15, 2006 - August 31, 2011

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