MRI: Acquisition of a Testbed for Optical/Wireless Integration. Grant

MRI: Acquisition of a Testbed for Optical/Wireless Integration. .


  • This project, building a testbed for optical/wireless integration, aims at meeting the need of next generation communication systems, providing high data rates with ubiquitous access anytime anywhere. The integration of existing heterogeneous networks (including optical high-speed SONET, 3G cellular, Wireless LAN (WiFi), the forthcoming WiMAX, etc.), demands new solutions to issues such as architecture design for efficient integration, mobility management, network management, resource management, billing models, etc. This work, involving three kinds of access networks (the WiMAX over Sonet/WDM to WiFi access network, a 3G emulation network, and WiMAX over optical extension network), develops a prototype test bed, namely an emulation environment to evaluate practicality. The testbed supports research not only in the Optical/Wireless integration, but also in each stand-alone network. Specifically, the instrumentation aims at supporting the following research. System design for next-generation communication networks by integrating WiMAX, 3G and SONET, Novel wireless network planning strategy based on optical/wireless integration,Bandwidth management in wireless/wireline networks,Seamless integration of UMTS (WCDMA) and WLAN,Design and development cognitive jamming in OFDM communications systems,Jamming avoidance in MIMO communications systems,Secure traffic engineering for next-generation optical networks,Resource allocation for 3G cellular networks with multimedia services, andNetwork management for WiFi networks.

date/time interval

  • August 1, 2006 - January 31, 2010

sponsor award ID

  • 0619693