Affectivity and job satisfaction: a meta-analysis Thesis

(1998). Affectivity and job satisfaction: a meta-analysis . 10.25148/etd.FI14060894

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  • Connolly, James J.


  • The goal of this investigation was to examine the affective determinants of job satisfaction. Correlations between affectivity and job satisfaction measures were examined by cumulating research findings across studies. Measurement of affectivity in this study focused on five constructs, (1) negative affectivity, (2) positive affectivity, (3) affective disposition, (4) positive & negative affectivity, (5) all affectivity measures combined. The correlations between these five constructs and job satisfaction were meta-analyzed. The mean correlation corrected for coefficient alpha in both the affectivity and job satisfaction measures were: .49 for positive affectivity (N= 3,326, k= 15), -. 33 for negative affectivity (N= 6,028, k= 25), .36 for affective disposition (N= 1,415, k= 7), .39 for positive & negative affectivity (N= 9,354, k= 40), and .38 for all measures of affectivity combined (N= 10,769, k= 47). Results indicated that 10% - 25% of variance in job satisfaction could be due to individual differences in affectivity. No strong moderator variables were found. Implications for a Dispositional and situational source of job satisfaction are discussed.

publication date

  • January 6, 1998

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