Electroproduction of Λ(1405) Conference

Lu, H, Schumacher, R, Raue, B et al. (2012). Electroproduction of Λ(1405) . 3RD INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON NUCLEON STRUCTURE AT LARGE BJORKEN X, 1432 199-202. 10.1063/1.3701212

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  • Lu, H; Schumacher, R; Raue, B; Gabrielyan, M



  • The electroproductio of K+ Λ(1405) was studied by analyzing the EIF data set collected in Hall B at Jefferson Lab. The analysis utilized the decay channel Σ+π- of the Λ(1405) and pπ0 of the Σ+. Simulations of background, Λ(1405) and Λ(1520) production according to PDG values were performed by using standard CLAS anlaysis tools adapted for the EIF run. Fits of the acceptance-corrected simulations were made to the acceptance-corrected data to determine contributions from signal and background processes. The line shape of Λ(1405) varies with the four momentum transfer, Q2, and does not match the line shape based on PDG resonance parameters. It corresponds approximately to predictions of a recent two-pole meson-baryon picture of this state. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

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  • December 1, 2012

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