"La Perla Del Mar": A Case Report on Subcutaneous Penile Implants. Other Scholarly Work

Ramirez, Juan C, Wickremasinghe, Praveen D, Mayol-Velez, Luis X et al. (2023). "La Perla Del Mar": A Case Report on Subcutaneous Penile Implants. . 15(4), e37155. 10.7759/cureus.37155

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  • Ramirez, Juan C; Wickremasinghe, Praveen D; Mayol-Velez, Luis X; Izquierdo-Pretel, Guillermo


  • The purpose of this report is to alert and inform the medical community about the presence and practice of subcutaneous penile implants (SPIs), which are used with the intent of increasing sexual pleasure. This case aspires to deflect plausible misconceptions in the specific populations who use the SPIs. This case study was performed in January 2023 at a tertiary care center in Miami, Florida. A 61-year-old Cuban male admitted for a routine hernia repair with an incidental finding of a benign SPI was interviewed and examined; an extended collection of historical information regarding the patient's penile implant was ascertained. The patient stated that there was a tradition among the men and adolescent individuals living along coastal cities/towns of Cuba such as Havana and Matanzas who would elect to have pieces of stones or gems or any solid objects shaped and molded into round objects that are used for the intent of increasing sexual pleasure. The patient referred to the implant as "La Perla Del Mar," which translates directly into "Pearl of the Sea." Upon visualization of the nodule on examination, a differential diagnosis may include infection (such as syphilis), granulomas, sarcoidosis, dermatofibroma, epithelial inclusion cyst, or malignancy. However, an appropriate workup informed us about the penile implant. Clinicians should employ caution in investigating a penile nodule by taking a detailed social and sexual history and physical exam from the patient if possible. This case and the literature review cited to bolster the notion of a lack of chronic symptoms due to the inserted objects. Several provocations for the implantation of an artificial penile nodule, in this case, maybe extrapolated, such as the desire for a prospective partner's pleasure/displeasure, group identification, or masculine embodiment. The main takeaways from this case report are the considerations that should be taken in the older Caribbean population for patients with the "Perla Del Mar" implantation and bolstering the notion of complete sexual education for clinicians regarding specific populations to enhance patient care.

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  • April 1, 2023

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